About Us

About Nycom

Nycom is a family-owned business operating in the mid-atlantic and southeastern United States. Since the company’s inception in 1983, Nycom has grown from a one person enterprise with limited market coverage to over 80 full-time employees with seven regional offices covering eleven states. Nycom’s focus is supplying and installing top quality laboratory and healthcare casework and equipment. Our experienced team can take your project from concept through completion. From a simple sink replacement or one lab renovation to the most complex research facility, no project escapes Nycom’s attention to detail and quality. Please contact us about your project!

Nycom History

A graduate in Biology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York State, Jon Nystrom began his career in casework in Atlanta, Georgia in 1981.  Shortly thereafter, he was given the opportunity to represent Fisher Hamilton in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Jon accepted this opportunity and incorporated Nycom in 1983 and opened for business in the basement of the Nystrom household.  After things got going Jon hired three initial employees, an accountant and two field installers who all still work for Nycom today. In 2012 Nycom ended it’s relationship with Thermo Fisher Hamilton and forged a new partnership with Kewaunee Scientific Corporation of Statesville, North Carolina.

From the beginning, Nycom’s focus has been on satisfying our clients.  Throughout our many years in business, Nycom has never defaulted on a contract and has always strived to make sure our clients are satisfied with their project.  Over the last three decades Nycom has expanded from it’s humble beginnings to a large, highly respected casework supplier in the southeast, but we have not lost focus on our primary goals, attention to detail and customer service.

Excellence • Customer  • Allegiance

At Nycom our company motto is “Excellence • Customer Allegiance”.

We always strive for Excellence in everything we do from budgeting and lab design to project management and product installation. We believe that performing our job in an excellent manner will help achieve Customer Allegiance, which means our customers will view Nycom as a business partner and a critical supplier for their lab furniture needs. Our goal is to not only build high quality labs, but to build long-lasting relationships.