Laboratory Casework


Durability – the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage.

Kewaunee’s premium steel product is designed to meet the rigors and demands of every day lab use.  The steel product is SEFA 8 compliant in both structure and finish and is manufactured using a minimum 25% recycled steel.  The materials used and quality of construction of Kewaunee’s steel cabinet is second to none in the industry.


Unique – being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Kewaunee’s wood casework is manufactured to AWS standards and is SEFA 8 compliant in both finish and structure.  The use of wood casework can bring a rich and warm feel to any lab environment.  Kewaunee’s state of the art manufacturing system allows them to build wood cabinets in a wide range of wood specie and cut options.  Using wood casework to fit out your lab will allow you to bring a unique feel to the lab environment while maintaining structural integrity and chemical resistance.


Dynamic – to fit or modify to suit a new or different purpose

Kewaunee’s systems casework is engineered to allow for quick and effective change and relocation.  No matter how big or small the change to a lab, systems casework allows for reconfiguration with minimal disturbance to the lab environment.  Kewaunee’s systems casework is SEFA 8 compliant and carries industry leading load ratings.  Often users will combine systems furniture with some fixed steel or wood product to meet their labs specific needs.

Fume Hoods and Bio Safety Cabinets

Containment – the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits.

Kewaunee offers a full line of fume hoods and bio safety cabinets to meet your containment needs.  Kewaunee offers both conventional and high performance fume hoods which are able to contain down to 55 feet per minute face velocity.  Kewaunee’s fume hoods meet the stringent testing standards of ASHRAE 110 and are UL 1805 labeled and listed.  Kewaunee’s state of the art bio safety cabinet is NSF approved and incorporates an easy to use visual display monitor which gives you real time updates on containment and filter loading.  Please contact us to discuss your specific containment needs.