Green Casework

Both of our key suppliers Kewaunee Scientific Corporation and Stevens Industries have taken significant steps to provide customers with options to reduce environmental impact while still maintaining the quality and integrity of their casework project. If you have specific questions on ways to reduce the environmental impact of your renovation, please do not hesitate to call your local account manager for assistance.

Some Green Casework Alternatives

  • Steel Product – Kewaunee Scientific’s steel casework is manufactured from a minimum of 25% recycled steel.
  • Systems Product – In addition to being manufactured from steel which contains a minimum of 25% recycled content, systems product provides the flexibility to renovate your lab while minimizing negative environmental impact from the construction process and construction waste. Flexible systems allow you to reuse your existing casework in multiple configurations for ever changing processes.
  • Hoods “Low Flow” – Kewaunee Scientific offers a line of “Low Flow” fume hoods which allow you to reduce the conditioned air taken out of your building without sacrificing containment. In addition to reducing environmental impact, “Low Flow” hoods can also save you significant money on energy costs.
  • Hoods “Ductless” – One of Kewaunee Scientific’s newest product lines is ductless fume hoods. When used in the proper application ductless fume hoods can virtually cut HVAC impact of a fume hood to zero. Ductless fume hood technology utilizes a complex filter system to take in dirty air, filter and release clean air back into the lab environment.
  • FSC/COC Wood – Both Kewaunee Scientific and Stevens Industries offer the option to convert standard wood veneers and cores to FSC/COC wood product. This ensures that wood being used in your cabinets was grown and harvested in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Rapidly Renewable Resources – Both Kewaunee Scientific and Stevens Industries offer wood cores and veneers produced using rapidly renewable resources such as bamboo.
  • Fuel Emissions (Transportation) – Kewaunee Scientific is located in the heart of Nyom’s territory allowing for reduced emissions related to shipping product.
  • Low VOC Paints – Both Kewaunee Scientific and Stevens Industries offer low VOC paints and finishes for steel and wood products. This green step reduces emissions into our atmosphere.
  • NAUF Glues – As an option both Kewaunee Scientific and Stevens Industries can manufacture their wood and laminate products using NAUF glues (no added urea formaldehyde).
  • Countertop Options – Multiple countertop options are available that utilize recycled and rapidly renewable product. Please contact your local account manager for details.
  • Packaging – Both Kewaunee Scientific and Stevens Industries offer the option to have your product blanket wrapped for shipping. These blankets are reused, thus minimizing trash involved with packaging and shipping.
  • Natural Light – Our account managers can help you select products and finishes that maximize the impact of natural sunlight within your lab. This can help reduce energy costs and make for a more enjoyable and more healthy working environment.