Kewaunee Releases New VENTURI Fume Hood!

Nycom is pleased to introduce the next generation of Fume Hoods; the all new Kewaunee Venturi.  The Venturi Fume Hood sets the new benchmark with several “industry firsts” and upgraded standard features:

  • Improved Airflow in the corners, making the hood safer than ever.
  • Standard electronic sash stops.
  • Improved Visibility with a 39” high viewing window
  • Standard LED lighting that is both dimmable and color adjustable
  • Improved Access Panel with simple replacement
  • Standard Quad outlets on each post
  • Improved Sash Operation with dual drive shafts and simplified counterweights
  • Optional motorized sash operator

Nycom would like the opportunity to discuss the Venturi Fume Hood with you further either at your office or at one of our showrooms. In the meantime,  please visit


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